How much does Tile flooring cost?

Tile is a very popular flooring choice. It is hard, water-resistant, and durable. Additionally, tile is beautiful and is available in a wide array of styles, colors and shapes. The charm of tile flooring lasts very long if it is maintained properly. Different types of tiles include: ceramic, marble, stone, mass produced, artist sculpted and porcelain.

Cost Factors

In tile flooring, installation is often more expensive than the material cost. Since tiles are available in large varieties, the cost also varies accordingly. However, the average cost for installing tile flooring is $700 to $2000 per sq. ft. It is important to note that the total cost varies based on a number of factors such as the type, brand, material and the company that installs the floor. The best thing is that tiles are available for every budget.

Artist-created and hand-colored tiles will be far more expensive than mass-produced tiles. Processing effort and scarcity of the tile are the most important factors affecting the cost. For example, clay is cheap as it is a widely available material. On the other hand, natural stone and granite are found only in some areas and often need to be shipped. Therefore, those types of tiles will cost you more.

Choosing the right tile for a home can be hard. It may not be easy to decide the right types of tiles to be used for indoors and outdoors. But selecting the right type is important because weather conditions can damage the tiles. For example, frost and direct sunlight can damage Indoor tiles.

Outdoor tiles are generally costlier than indoor tiles. The average price of indoor tiles is $0.50 to $16 per sq. ft. while that of outdoor tiles is between $1 and $35 per sq. ft.

Material Cost

As mentioned above, different types of tiles are available and the cost of each type is different. Here are the approximate prices per sq. foot for the most common types of tiles:

Ceramic - $1.30

Granite - $6.00

Marble - $7.50

Slate - $3.00

Limestone - $5.00

Quartz - $6.50

Porcelain - $3.75

Travertine - $4.00

Here are some other factors that could affect the total tile flooring cost:

  • Distance (if you are living in a remote area, the distance to the job site is likely to be more and the cost will be higher)

  • Works to be performed around current framing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical or other systems.

  • Testing and cleanup of hazardous materials such as lead and asbestos

  • Supervision by a general contractor can add 20-25 percent

  • Sales tax

  • Inspection fees and permits, if applicable

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Beautiful, durable and available for every budget

  • Can be used in all rooms and locations

  • Easy to clean

  • Doesn't need much maintenance

  • Doesn’t trap allergens

  • Non-toxic


  • Requires radiant floor heating in the winter

  • Slippery when wet

  • Not sound-dampening

  • Hard to install

  • Even though it is capable to withstand high foot traffic, tiles can be broken when heavy objects such as pots, pans, or cans get dropped
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