Laminate Floors

We Offer Laminate Flooring in Sugar Land TX

Gone are the days of the cheap plastic laminate floors. What you'll see at Inspired Floors will literally floor you! Laminates available in just about every color and finish of what you'll find in our wood selection.

Name brands like Quick-Step, Armstrong, Mannington, Bruce and Shaw have really mastered the art of creating laminate floors that can fool the best of us.

Couple the new techniques that make laminate virtually indistinguishable from a hardwood floor with the enhanced durability and stability that the lamination process provides and you are now more able than ever to find a floor that will stand up to the heavy traffic in your home. Bowling alleys are now covered with laminate flooring. This is some heavy duty stuff!

Visit Inspired Floors and find out just how nice these floors can be!

Laminate flooring brands at Inspired Floors of Texas.