Ceramic Tile Care For Sugar Land Homes

Ceramic tile is one of the more common flooring types in many Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Sienna Plantation homes.

Many homeowners and custom home builders choose this flooring type for its aesthetic qualities, low maintenance and it's longevity. Though tile flooring may require less maintenance than other types of flooring, there are still several things to keep in mind and do to keep your ceramic tile flooring looking great. Following our recommendations will help protect your Sugar Land tile flooring and maximize its lifespan. 

Ceramic Tile Flooring Tips for Sugar Land Homeowners

  • Avoid ammonia based cleaners. Believe it or not simple cleaners work best for ceramic tile flooring and ammonia can discolor certain types of colored grout.
  • Don't wax tile. Glazed ceramic tile doesn't need waxing.
  • Clean up spills immediately or soon as possible. All-purpose cleaners are fine for cleaning up spills and can help liquids from staining grout.
  • Glazed ceramic tile can be both swept and vacuumed. This is a popular feature that makes ceramic tile attractive to builders and homeowners alike. It is important to do it regularly, however.
  • Mild soaps and all purpose cleaners usually work best when cleaning your tile flooring. However, you should consult the manufacturer's specific recommendations for types of cleaning products to be sure. Of course, a Sugar Land flooring specialist at Inspired Floors in Sugar Land can guide you through any questions you may have concerning proper care for your ceramic tile flooring. Washing the floor regularly with mild deluded soap or detergent can ensure the minimization of grit and grime buildup on both the tile and the grout. Your grout is usually most susceptible of the two to discoloration. Regular washing and cleaning will help prevent unwanted this coloring of your grout.
  • After you washed your ceramic tile flooring with a mild deluded soap detergent or manufacturer recommended cleaner, be sure to rinse your flooring with warm water.

If you are experiencing any issues with your ceramic tile flooring in your Sugar Land home, whether that be needing help with proper care, tile floor repair, or any other questions regarding flooring in your home, consult the Sugar Land flooringexpert's at Inspired Floors.

Posted by Joe on 1/30/2017