How to Care for Your Tile Flooring in Missouri City

Tile flooring is a popular option with many homeowners because of its rugged functionality and the wealth of design options available for them to choose from. Tile flooring is also relatively low maintenance and does not require periodic care. If you are interested in buying tile floors in Sugar Land TX for your own home, it pays to know how to care for these tile floors so that you can get many years of service out of them. Any good residential flooring company in Sugar Land can install tile flooring at your house, but taking care of your floor would always largely remain up to you. Following these tips will make things significantly easier

  • Regular Cleaning - First of all, you need to clean your tile flooring regularly. It is advisable to clean your tile flooring thoroughly with a damp mop at least once a week. After cleaning the floor, you should let it dry completely and any damp areas should be dried with a dry cloth. For best results, you can use a good floor-cleaning product to clean your Missouri City custom floors. The use of harsh chemicals, soap and detergent, however, is a strict no-no.
  • Protection - A good measure to keep your tile floors healthy is to use absorbent mats at entry and exit points. This keeps most of the dirt and grime from your floor, saves you aggressive cleaning and keeps your flooring healthier over longer periods of time.
  • Furniture - Heavy wooden or iron furniture, when resting directly on tile flooring, may slowly cause damage due to their weight. Attaching protective pads of soft material like felt to furniture legs can be a great way to counter this damage. This counters the weight and also prevents staining from metal furniture, which has started to rust.
Posted by Joe on 7/31/2014 4:51:58 PM