What are the Benefits of Wood Flooring?

Many homeowners choose hardwood floor as it gives a rich look to the home interior. Apart from this, wood flooring has many other benefits. Here are some of them:


Good quality hardwood floors last for several decades as they are strong and durable while people often have to replace other flooring such as carpet every five years because of stains, wear and tear, and holes. With an affordable maintenance program, wood flooring looks better as it gets older.

Easily Cleanable

Wood floors can be cleaned quite easily when compared to carpets. A light vacuum, a brush, or a damp mop is enough to clean wooden floors.

Healthier and More Hygienic

Wooden flooring is healthier than other types of floors as it attracts less dust and due to its non-electromagnetic nature and organic origin. Therefore, it is a great choice for people suffering from issues such as dust allergy. As wood floors are more hygienic than carpet floors, it is recommended by doctors all over the world.

Provides a Medium for Underfloor Heating

In recent years, wood flooring has enjoyed a great boom in popularity due to its advantages such as durability, attractive look, easiness to clean etc. However, people often doubt whether they can have an underfloor heating system if they have a wood floor. Actually, wood provides a very good medium to install underfloor heating, which is the most effective and efficient way to heat a house. As wood can hold onto heat for a very long time, the room will remain warm for quite some time even after the heating system is turned off.

Cost Effective

Though hardwood flooring can be a bit expensive initially, you can ultimately save a lot of money due to its excellent features. Wooden flooring can be maintained easily and it provides better air quality. Additionally, its high durability makes it a really cost effective flooring option. If your wooden floor has been damaged a bit after several years because of wear and tear, you can easily bring it back to new using simple sand and seal techniques.

Suitable for All Budgets

Wood has always been considered available only to very rich. However, due to some new production methods, certain types of wood flooring can be manufactured cheaply. Therefore, now wooden floors are available to all budgets.

No Color Fading Problem

Carpets may lose their color and shine over time. But hardwood does not have this issue. For this reason, the life of hardwood flooring is far longer than that of carpet flooring. As it does not have the color fading problem, hardwood floor looks fresh and pristine for longer.

Comfortable and Less Prone to Damage

Wooden floors are extremely comfortable for babies and kids to play on them. Additionally, when compared to laminated and engineered floors, hardwood floors are less prone to damage when heavy objects fall on them.

Improves Acoustics

Wooden flooring improves the acoustics in the room. Due to this particular quality, most music halls and dance studios install hardwood flooring. In a house, improving the acoustics could add a benefit to the sound system or home theater.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 12/25/2017